Dec 27, 2013

A Family Christmas Gift

Here's what I made for my family this Christmas:

I based it off of Norman Rockwell's piece Gossip

I really love the simply storytelling that it has— very clear and humorous, so I thought I'd try something like that with the members of my family. 
My dog Chanel is always farting now for some reason, and she never seems to care about it. 
So that kicked off the idea. 
I was tough caricaturing my family, but fun nonetheless. 
Here's the sketches before I took 'em into Photoshop. 


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  1. Hey Youri, I linked your blog to the Shm-directory instead of your website since your site takes forever or doesn't load. I thought you'd prefer viewers to see your work before they wait too long and leave. If you rather have your website linked instead, let me know & I'll make the change. Thanks!