Dec 15, 2013

Captain Johnson's Bearded Clam

       A couple months back I helped out on a music video for the incomparable and ferocious Nick Maksim.
It was released back in August but I had forgotten to post it, so I'm doing that now. Sorry Nick!

       He had approached me last winter about working on a few shots for his film, so I spent some time then and during the summer finishing a few seconds for him.
       Nick tackled this bad boy by himself over the course of three years; rigs, animation, lighting, and everything else you see. Pretty damn impressive.

Take a gander below....

It's already won an Award of Merit at the international film festival Indiefest, which is super cool. 

Here's one of the shots I worked on:

There's different colored objects that he's interacting with because I was having some technical issues with constraints so i was switching out objects as the shot was progressing. It was horrible. 
I don't want to talk about it. 
I also did the shot before this were he's clambering along the beach sand, and the nod after he sees the glimmer in the ocean. 

Head over to his blog to see the rest of the stuff he's done, including a little sketch he did of me. 
Congrats on the video's completion, Nick! This is just the beginning!

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