Oct 22, 2013


I did some sketches the other day, then experimented quickly with textures and paint in Photoshop. 
This is the result:

Oct 20, 2013

Joe Weatherly Workshop

       This past Friday I had the opportunity to attend a zoo workshop with the amazing Joe Weatherly.
The first animal we drew that day was the giraffe. I've only drawn a giraffe once or twice before and I didn't really know what I was doing. Joe was able to do some sketches for me real quick, pointing out their structure and proportions.

Joe's drawings:

And then my drawing afterwords:

Oct 15, 2013

Brandon's Goal

       During the month of August I worked on a advertisement for Brandon's Goal Foundation in Seattle. The story follows Brandon Brauns, a young boy who sadly passed away from cancer at age 11 back in 2010. This film was made to help spread the word about Brandon's story and about childhood cancer, especially since it doesn't get that much attention and research.
       More info can be found here: http://www.brandonsgoalfoundation.org/home.html

And here's the film:

Both myself and 4 other SJSU students animated this 30 second spot for their foundation. 
I animated the middle portion, everything from when Brandon jumps off the bed up until his mother looks over at the other kids. 

Oct 8, 2013

The Caveman's Capsule (24 Hour Animation - 2nd Place)

      About a week and a half ago I took part in the annual 24 Hour Animation Contest, wherein teams of 5 have 24 hours to create a 30 second short film. 
The prompt was: What would you do if you only had 24 hours left to live?

      After a ton of hard work we found out today that we got second place!
A total of 47 teams participated from all over the country, so I'm very proud of my team (The YERDL Turtles) for puling together and accomplishing this feat. 
I was responsible for the rough animation of the caveman (except the part where he's drawing, which was done by Nicki Yee) and then the composting/editing was done by me as well.  

Here's the final animation:
Created by the YERDL Turtles: 
Directed by Nicki Yee