Dec 20, 2013

A Package for Otis (Process)

Here's the second short sequence I did for my ANI 128B Class. 

A Package for Otis (Short Sequence)

This was another sequence for which I was team leader.
The badasses who helped bring this to life are Mickie Vannier, Kendrra Thoms, Nicki Yee, 
Grace Lacuesta, Eddio Tseng, and Kim Mucha. 
It was also very nice to use the new free Stewart Rig from Animation Mentor. It's very appealing in design and really simple to use, especially for body mechanics. This definitely won't be last time I'll be using him. 

The Process:
My first 2D test. 

Looking back on this project, it's clear that it's come VERY far from where it began. 
We had an iteration of this that was all over the place, and it was very unclear when we first pitched it. Otis was always waiting for a package, but it was more of a montage of different ways he could wait, and then at the end of the day the package finally came and he jumped into it. He was doing things like eating food, playing with string, staring at a fan...all sorts of things. After getting a good beating and critique from our instructor, we reworked the story and clarified our idea.

Otis is a character who acts similar to that of a cat, 
so as a group we tried getting a little bit of that into our work. 
Painting by Nicki Yee 

Early iterations of Otis. 

Close to final version. 

November 6th
This was our first animatic after reworking the idea. 

November 18th
Eventually the blocking of the shots begins.

November 25th
And then another pass on top of that with a newer set and more up-to-date compositions.

Kim Mucha had built the original set, and then I went in and added some detail on top of that. 
Kendrra's shot had the blinds, so she built those herself. 
I lit the scenes as well (apart from Kendrra's exterior shot), and I go into the details of the render settings and lighting set up much more in my previous post.

First Pass Lighting Set up using Maya's Physical Sun and Sky and a few interior lights. 

This image is cool, but it took 9 minutes to render. 
So I had to find another method and lighting setup. 

New lighting pass using Image-Based Lighting and a few interior lights. 
Pretty close to final. 

Final Lighting. 

And lastly I have to put in my reference. 
My roommate Michael Begen's reaction to realizing I'm shooting reference 
is better than my actual reference.

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