Sep 3, 2012

Walk Cycle (ANI 114)

Our first assignment in 114 this year was to create any type of walk cycle we wanted. I based mine off of the song The Lion Sleeps Tonight. We only had about 5 days to do it so there was no time to do any clean up, but you can see in the image that that's what it would've looked like in the end if I had nothing else to do in my life. It was definitely a challenge considering I haven't done 2D in a while, but I did a lot of planning to figure out timing and poses. There's obviously tons of room for improvement, but the result was somewhat satisfying.

Summer Sketchbook (Volume 2)

And the following are pages from the second part of my sketchbook that I did over the summer. The feeling of improvement is always nice, and I think I definitely had that with drawings from June compared to drawings from August.

Summer Sketchbook (Volume 1)

Here's just a few of my favorite pages from my first sketchbook that I had to do over the summer for the Animation/Illustration program at San Jose State.