Jul 25, 2013

One for the Children...

I've been watching a lot of The Walking Dead recently, so I did a little sketch of a friendly Walker. 
Parents, this is what your animation kids look like during Finals Week. 

Jul 20, 2013

Charlie the Monster

At one point during the planning on my 11 Second Club animation Charlie was gonna be a monster, primarily because Monsters University was coming out and I felt inspired. 
This was one of the sketches that I did, so I colored it for fun. 

Jul 16, 2013

The Blessed Unrest

Sara Bareilles had a new album that came out yesterday— entitled The Blessed Unrest— 
so I did a little value sketch while listening to it. She's pretty damn awesome.

Concert videos can have some really nice lighting, so I was using that as reference. 

Jul 9, 2013

Speed Animation (Spiderbot)

I found a bunch of free rigs today, one of them being Spiderbot by Ali Tezel. 
Everyone always does one hour Speed Paintings in Photoshop, so I thought I'd try out the rig by doing a one hour Speed Animation in Maya. No Reference. No Planning. Just a straight ahead attempt.

This is what happens when I'm bored at one in the morning: 

Ali's has a pretty sweet animation test he did with his rig, definitely more planned out than mine:

Jul 7, 2013

The Butterfly (An Unfinished Test)

     Last summer before taking Ani 129B I did an animation test about a relatively sad man made relatively happier by a butterfly. After nearing the polishing stage my laptop crashed, and stupid me never backed up my files. I regrettably lost about 90% of my work on the project.
     Luckily I had sent one playblast to Stephanie DeGiovanni, who was kind enough to never delete it from her computer. After getting the file from her my laptop crashed again and sadly that was one of the few files I still didn't back up. So now after getting it from her a second time almost a year later I made 10,000 copies of that one playblast, as well as uploaded it online so it's forever on the web.

The Butterfly (Unfinished Test)

from Youri Dekker on Vimeo.

     This is probably the most completed it will ever get. Technically I could start over-- which I may do one day-- or I may just do a shorter iteration of this test. But for now I move forward...with one eye on the save button and the other on the backup files in my external hard drive. 

Jul 6, 2013

11 Second Club Entry (9th Place)

     During the month of June, I took part in the 11 Second Club for the first time. I've always wanted to try and enter something into the monthly competition, and with summer just starting and things not being too busy I decided to go for it.
     I had never done a dialogue test before, so that was a particular challenge. I also didn't want to pick something too cliche. For the first 2 weeks I was planning on doing something video-game related, but then I decided to go for something more out-of-the-box. It was a very difficult puzzle to solve but it made the animating of it more interesting. It also made the animating a bit more stressful because I only had about a week and a half to do it.
     I think if I look back on this test a month from now I'll be somewhat displeased, but for now I am happy with the result, as well as proud of myself for taking on something this challenging.
     And after a few days of waiting, the results were posted. Getting 9th out of 190 entries was quite overwhelming, but also quite awesome. =-)

11 Second Club- June 2013 Entry

Here it is on the site itself: