Sep 14, 2014

My Summer at PIXAR

       This summer I had the honor to be selected as one of the six animation interns at Pixar Animation Studios. The others selected were Sikand Srinivas, Nicole Ridgwell, Regina Donavan, Michael Bidinger, and Sani Spectra. The 12 week program was overwhelming and daunting, but in all the right ways. I learned such a tremendous amount, and felt that I truly progressed and grew in ways that I never knew possible. The humbling journey ended all too soon, but it's left me with a hunger for more as the future rolls on.

Here's my demo reel an entire collection of the the work that I did during my 3 months there:

Youri Dekker (Pixar Animation Internship Reel, Summer 2014)

And then some memories that were made along the way...

The six interns with our super awesome instructor, Aaron Hartline

Me and my amazing mentor, Sequoia Blankenship.

The workplace. 

Having fun in our 80's costumes. 

Some battle scars I acquired while shooting video reference. 

My intern friends and I sporting some similar Pixar attire. 

A visit from the proud parents....

....and a visit from the proud friends. 

Look at how much we grew!

A quiet atrium during our last night at the studio. 

The last day of the internship. 

And that's that! 
Never have I felt more love for this medium, and I will forever remember the people who made my time there a blast. 

Till next time Pixar, till next time.