Jun 18, 2016

Moved to Tumblr!

I'm no longer using Blogspot. 
I've started a Tumblr page called DEKKERATIONS.

Feel free to head over!

May 14, 2015

The End of the Beginning

       It's crazy to think that in 24 hours from now I will have finished my last class ever!
       I can still remember walking into the Pencil Test Lab at school 6 years ago for the first time and seeing the poster of Jessie from Toy Story on the wall, knowing that I found the right place by going here. And I wasn't mistaken.
       And now here I am, all these years later, animating the finishing touches on my last shot for BFA before I have to turn in it for good tomorrow morning.

What a bittersweet feeling, and thank you to all who made my time there worth it.

Feb 25, 2015

Quick Piece- Disney Princess Edition

Did a quick piece for a high school friend of mine. 
She requested to be drawn as Belle since she's a huge bookworm, 
and so here she is with her husband. 

Nov 29, 2014

Zine Piece

It's been a while since I've posted any work, so I figured it was about time I did. 

       Here's a piece I did for class, where we're putting together a magazine with work all based off a single word. For our "zine" the word was Suitcase, and so this was what I did for that....

And then the piece at certain stages before the final color correction and gradient. 

Gradients make everything better. 

The Box of Good

       One of our first assignments in BFA this year was to design a key that would open the box of good or evil. I was given the box of good, and so this was the design I came up with.
       It was a tough assignment considering I don't do much digital painting or vis dev anymore, so I'm pretty pleased with the turnout.

Sketchy Sketchbook Sketches

Nov 7, 2014

Drawing a Friend

Drawing people you've known for a while is pretty hard, 
especially if that person is my good friend EmmaLee. 

And then her drawing of me. 

Sep 14, 2014

My Summer at PIXAR

       This summer I had the honor to be selected as one of the six animation interns at Pixar Animation Studios. The others selected were Sikand Srinivas, Nicole Ridgwell, Regina Donavan, Michael Bidinger, and Sani Spectra. The 12 week program was overwhelming and daunting, but in all the right ways. I learned such a tremendous amount, and felt that I truly progressed and grew in ways that I never knew possible. The humbling journey ended all too soon, but it's left me with a hunger for more as the future rolls on.

Here's my demo reel an entire collection of the the work that I did during my 3 months there:

Youri Dekker (Pixar Animation Internship Reel, Summer 2014)

And then some memories that were made along the way...

The six interns with our super awesome instructor, Aaron Hartline

Me and my amazing mentor, Sequoia Blankenship.

The workplace. 

Having fun in our 80's costumes. 

Some battle scars I acquired while shooting video reference. 

My intern friends and I sporting some similar Pixar attire. 

A visit from the proud parents....

....and a visit from the proud friends. 

Look at how much we grew!

A quiet atrium during our last night at the studio. 

The last day of the internship. 

And that's that! 
Never have I felt more love for this medium, and I will forever remember the people who made my time there a blast. 

Till next time Pixar, till next time.