Mar 20, 2014

New Zealand Sketches

This past winter break I bought myself a plane ticket and headed over to New Zealand for three awesome weeks of traveling. I rented a van and drove a few thousand miles around the South Island, soaking in the sun and rain and enjoying a well-needed break from school.  

I ended up getting about a billion gigs of video footage too,
simply because everything was so damn beautiful.
But I was able to go through it all and make a little video out of it: 

New Zealand (The South Island)

Sketching proved to be a more difficult challenge than what I originally intended. Rain was pouring down for about half of my trip, and when it wasn't raining it would be windy. And when it wasn't windy, these tiny little bastard insects known as sandflies did their very best to piss you off by biting your limbs and face. 
But I thought I'd grab a few of the sketches I did and finally post them. Better now than never. 

Rough Sketch of Frans Joseph Glacier. 

An awesome stream I discovered while going on a hike. 

On the way to Mt. Cook. 

At the airport waiting for departures. 

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  1. Love the airport portraits. Great heads. Glad you could make the trip--Cynthia