Feb 20, 2014

The Nintendo Gallery (Captain Falcon)

       I had the opportunity to work on a piece for the upcoming SHM Charity Committee Nintendo Gallery. An online auction will take place when it premiers in April, and all proceeds go to the Morgan Autism Center. About 150 artists are participating in the gallery, all doing different characters from different Nintendo games in various mediums and styles. Pretty neat stuff.
       I was lucky enough to get Captain Falcon, as he's the one character I know from Nintendo because I always choose him for the few times I've played Super Smash Bros. You just can't beat the Falcon Punch! Well— you can— but whatever...

Here's my final piece of Captain Falcon drinking that Falcon Punch:

       It sure took me a while to get to this point. As a matter of fact I did this the night before my deadline.
Before that I had another idea that I was really not liking. It was the regular Captain Falcon, and I was trying to get him in a serious pose with flames and stuff. Needless to say it was very boring and dull. Then with some convincing and help from my friend Samia Khalaf, I scrapped the idea entirely, went home, ate a La Vics burrito, and began sketching out a cute little baby Captain Falcon.

My first sketch. 

Then I quickly refined the pose and concept in pen. 

I also did some quick tests to see what it would look like on tonal paper. 
I used 3 mediums for the final piece: colored pencil, pen, and white charcoal. 

And that was that! 
It's crazy what can happen sometimes when you talk to Samia Khalaf and you eat a La Vics burrito. 

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