May 27, 2014

My Shrunkenheadman Presidency

       This past year I've had the honor of being a Shrunkenheadman President. As of last week that position ended for me, and it has been passed off to the amazing Rev Kotni. It's been such an incredible year, and the experience is something I'll never forget.

The Blank Team

       My team of officers we're so amazing and helpful, and they made every job and task so much easier and more doable. Over the summer we jokingly called ourselves "The Blank Team" simply because we weren't sure what to officially title our cabinet, and that the "blank" would soon be swapped out for something better once we solidified our ideas. But the name stuck and became a very appropriate title, because it meant that we had to be versatile and ready for anything. Cheesy, but true.
       Here's some more photos of things and events throughout the year...

Me delivering a speech at the very first meeting back in September. 

The club during Bunny Carter's presentation in January. 

The Officers and I showing off our custom SHM jackets. 

Baking and enjoying pancakes with the best Vice President ever, Fiona Herse-Woo. 

Me with Kris Pearn, director of Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2.

Our officer skit at D-Day. 

       The last SHM meeting was definitely an emotional night, filled with a lot of laughs and hugs. It was where we released the program's short films on DVD and dedicated them to Bunny Carter, Courtney Granner, and Jules Jammal. We had also thanked a bunch of people, including Dave Chai, Jared Mills, the SHM Charity Committee, and my good friend Ryan Eways for all of his work on the Shrunkisodes. The planning that went into that night was quite extensive, but the turnout and energy from the Club really summed up a great year, and to receive a standing ovation from everyone at the end was incredibly humbling and moving.

Poster design by Amit Kumar

And that was that. 

Me doing my speech during elections a little more than one year ago. 

Thank you to everyone who contributed to making this year what is was. It's no easy task being a Shrunkenheadman President, but everyone's energy and fire to making this organization what it is makes the job incredibly manageable and so much fun. Now onto BFA!

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