Oct 8, 2013

The Caveman's Capsule (24 Hour Animation - 2nd Place)

      About a week and a half ago I took part in the annual 24 Hour Animation Contest, wherein teams of 5 have 24 hours to create a 30 second short film. 
The prompt was: What would you do if you only had 24 hours left to live?

      After a ton of hard work we found out today that we got second place!
A total of 47 teams participated from all over the country, so I'm very proud of my team (The YERDL Turtles) for puling together and accomplishing this feat. 
I was responsible for the rough animation of the caveman (except the part where he's drawing, which was done by Nicki Yee) and then the composting/editing was done by me as well.  

Here's the final animation:
Created by the YERDL Turtles: 
Directed by Nicki Yee

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