May 19, 2013

ANI 115 Animations

     The brutal but fun 2D Animation class ANI 115 is now over with. It was quite the experience and challenge trying to bring life and entertainment to characters with the purposefully mundane topics we were given as assignments. But I think that's what make the Animation/Illustration program at SJSU so successful; the students are intentionally challenged to achieve the impossible.

I put together my Waving, Putting on a Coat, and Sitting in a Chair animation tests into one video.
As you will see, they are unfinished, but I'm fairly pleased with the outcome.

A portion of the class was also based off of character design. I came up with a guy named Phillip, a somewhat pathetic human being who can't seem to cut a break. He lives in Canada and sells Post-It's for a living. But one day he's had enough. He can't impress women and he's tired of living in the cold,snowy world of northern North America. So he quits his job to move down to Jamaica to open up a coconut drink stand called Crazy Coco's. It is there that his new life will begin.

You can see from both the animation and the following drawings that the design of the character changes a bit. This was primarily due to the fact that I wanted to simplify my design. I didn't want to get bogged down in the detail, especially since we only have a few days to animate these tests anyways. Plus a lot of my classmates were saying that my character resembled George from Paperman, and that was not my intention at all.

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