Dec 23, 2012

Sack Attack (ANI 114 Final)

     The semester is done! What a crazy, exhausting, fun 4 months. The work produced was extensive, and the following is my final for just one of my classes, ANI 114 (2D Animation).

     So the idea behind this was really just that I wanted to try something different. When I had to come up with a concept I kept imagining my hand bullying and teasing a flour sack, until finally it would fight back and defeat me.  After a lot of tweaking with the story over how this "bullying" would carry out, I ended up with my final idea.
     I knew I had to find a simple way to layer the animation and live action, so I thought of a green screen. The only way to get the animation right and in sync with the live action was to first get a video of my hand doing the necessary actions.

With that in mind, I constructed my own high-tech green screen.

Then I lit the area.
And then I staged my camera accordingly.
     So with the video reference of my hand shot, I then removed the green screen in After Effects and replaced it with a grid. This grid was drawn out on animation paper and was always under the pages I was animating, so that way when it was put behind my hand in the computer, I would know exactly where I needed to draw the flour sack on exactly what frames the actions were taking place.
     With everything tracked and animated (which took a few weeks) I then put the two layers together in After Effects, adding and subtracting frames where needed to get the final image.

Add a dash of classical music and you have Sack Attack. =-)

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